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The Q&A: Five Minutes With Sigrid Matthews On Her New Class On YogaVibes.

e335daad-1dc9-4fb9-8a34-0a879435cfdd_zpse57cd638Now available on YogaVibes! Check out Sigrid’s Focused Flow for Weight Loss!

This online yoga practice is a combination of flowing movement to create heat and raise the heart rate of the body to promote calorie burning, weight loss, and detoxification. Poses are taught progressively so you can challenge yourself without strain while building deep core strength, stability, and overall tone. This practice promotes a mental focus to create success in your life on and off of the mat. (50 mins.)

You’re offering “Focused Flow Yoga For Weight Loss.” What can you tell us about it?

“Focused Flow Yoga for Weight Loss” is a progressive class that constantly challenges the entire core to stay integrated. You’re building heat and creating muscle tone in a safe way for your joints while you burn more calories.

Is this level 2 class appropriate for beginners?

Though the class is strong and takes you into level 2 pose variations, each asana is built safely from the ground up so that beginners can learn the easier variations and then decide if they want more as the advanced student progresses and is challenged.

What if I just want to take class for a good sweat?

I always say, “get your cardio off the mat!” I love a good sweat, I think you can flow and sweat at the same time, but many yogis get injuries when they flow too fast. It’s hard on the joints, ligaments, and tendons— that’s why you see common injuries like rotator cuff tears or impingement, hamstring pulls, sacro-illiac joint hyper mobility, etc. Focused Flow keeps the integrity of alignment while moving so we can build heat safely!

Do you use weights?

I don’t use weights in this class—but stay tuned!

Exactly how much do you pack into this 50 minute class?

I pack a lot into 50 minutes. Many of us don’t have that much time, so I wanted to make sure we toned front, side and back body very specifically for a thorough mindful yoga “workout.”

What do you love about teaching yoga?

What I love about teaching yoga is creating a sacred space with a group of people moving with “steady mind, steady breath and open heart.” I love the endless possibilities yoga gives us to be happy, joyful, mindful, content and loving (the list goes on) off of the mat. Yoga is the best tool I know for creating the life you want!

As one student commented, “I loved this class! It has a nice flow, encouraging deep breathing. It starts slow and builds heat while getting into deep side body twists and balancing.” Sounds like yoga heaven!

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